The basement is a space that is often overlooked in many homes. An unfinished basement may serve as little more than extra storage space. Even a finished basement may lack a bathroom. Occupants need to climb stairs to get access to the facilities. Installing a bathroom in your basement has many benefits. It makes the space more efficient, allows you set it up as a complete separate space and adds value to your home. This is a great way to welcome guests with their own private space. It’s also a good way to add extra space that you can rent out for additional income. 

Set a Budget

One of the first things you’ll want to do when planning a bathroom addition is set up a budget. A typical full bathroom addition will cost roughly ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Your estimate should include costs such as plumbing, electrical services, drywall and flooring. Extras such as a full tub and luxury fixtures add more to your overall costs. You’ll also need to pay for skilled labor including plumbers and electricians.

Hire a Contractor 

Once you’ve decided on the kind of bathroom you want, it’s time to speak with a professional. Expert contractors are licensed and have many years of experience in projects like these. Set up an in-person meeting. A contractor will come to your basement, have a close look at it and then come up with a basic plan to install the bathroom. A contractor will also indicate what changes need to be made to the structure before you begin. We’ll also help you figure out what kind of bathroom is going to work best. You might want to opt for a half bath with a sink and a toilet, a three-quarters bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet or go for a full bathroom with a tub, sink and a toilet. 

This is also the time to decide on the kind of colors, materials and overall style you want for the entire bathroom. It’s best to pick a style that works well with your home’s overall plan. For example, a modern bathroom with sleek fixtures fits in nicely with contemporary home plan. 

Create a Timeline

After the initial details are in place, it’s time to come up with a timeline. A simple new bathroom in your basement can take as little as a week to finish. A much larger project may take a month or more. You’ll want to set aside the time in your home to get this done. Keep in mind the work means that parts of your basement may be blocked off as the work progresses. If you’re using this space for sleeping, you’ll want to move your bedding to another part of the home. All surfaces in the basement should be covered. Experts can do this for you or you can do it on your own. A contractor should be able to give a rough estimate as to how long the work may take. It’s a good idea to remember that issues such as the need for specific parts may arise as the work continues. That can delay the start of your project as well as how it takes to finish. 

What to Expect

In order to get the work done, you’ll likely to see many things happen during the process. With your help, the contractor will decide where to place the bathroom. Then they’ll mark out this area and measure it precisely. After that, they’ll decide where to place the toilet and drains. Then they’ll prepare the flooring. Your contractors may have to remove parts of your existing flooring in order to install new flooring. They will need to put in drainage pipes that go to your main sewage line. Then it’s time to start putting up your new walls. Once this process has been completed, they’ll put in the ventilation and your water supply lines. The next steps are installing electrical wiring and putting in your tile flooring. After this is completed, they’ll put in your fixtures and make sure they’re in good working order. 

Once the basics are done, it’s time to add those lovely touches. Well-chosen paint and wood trim make any basement bathroom a place to savor.

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