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Have you ever caught yourself yearning to do a bathroom remodel in your Seattle home? Or perhaps you’ve fancied transforming it into a spa-like sanctuary, tailored right to your preferences?

It’s time to let those dreams see daylight, and the exciting bathroom remodeling trends sweeping Seattle homes are here to light the way.

Prepare to be awash with inspirations by the end of this post on bathroom design trends. We’ll walk you through the latest remodeling trends to help your bathroom transition from a utilitarian space to a stylish retreat.

Key Points

1. Refreshed Bathroom Systems

Seattle homeowners are giving a nod to increased functionality when planning a bathroom remodel, making system upgrades an emerging bathroom remodeling trend.

This includes swapping out old showers, incorporating radiant floor heating, improving ventilation, and installing tankless water heaters or water softeners.

A functional bathroom doesn’t just elevate your experience; it also escalates the value of your home.

2. Shower Expansions

Bathroom with wood-looking floor and walk-in shower with white subway tile walls

Supersizing showers are also in vogue, enhancing the luxurious feel of your bathroom. The added space can welcome features like a built-in bench or multiple showerheads, transforming a routine bath into a rejuvenating spa-like affair.

3. Layout Reconfiguration

Primary bath remodel with skylight and shower-tub combo and double vanity

Reimagining the bathroom layout to fit personal needs is growing popular among homeowners.

Repositioning the toilet, sink, or shower for a more fluid room layout can revolutionize your bathroom experience. Potential layout designs range from the efficient galley, the versatile L-shaped, to the comprehensive U-shaped.

4. Wall Makeovers

Wall modifications are sparking interest.

Be it knocking down a wall for a spacious open-plan bathroom or erecting one to create a private toilet area, walls are receiving due attention. Beyond structural changes, aesthetic enhancements like a fresh coat of paint or tile pattern can elevate the space.

5. Vanity Face-lifts

Primary bathroom remodeled with walk-in shower freestanding tub and double vanity

Revamping the vanity can instantly lift the look of your bathroom.

It could involve updating the countertop, renovating cabinets, or installing a new sink. Customized vanity units, featuring soft-close drawers and doors, built-in electrical outlets, and organized compartments, are garnering attention.

6. Timeless White Cabinets

White continues to be a crowd-favorite for vanity cabinets. Its ability to radiate a clean, fresh vibe and harmonize with diverse countertops and flooring styles makes it a foolproof choice.

7. Wooden Cabinets

In contrast, wood cabinets are making a comeback, introducing a warm, natural element to bathrooms. Their versatility aligns with design styles ranging from rustic to modern, making them a smart addition.

8. Personalized Vanities

Vanities that mirror individual preferences are at the forefront of bathroom design. These may include a built-in makeup station, a tower cabinet for additional storage, or even a double sink.

9. The Transitional Approach

The transitional style, blending traditional and contemporary elements, is resonating with Seattle homeowners. Distinguished by clean lines, neutral shades, and a fusion of organic and synthetic materials, this style adapts well to various bathroom layouts.

10. Greater Spending On Bathrooms

Larger open-concept remodeled bathroom with wood look-alike floors and a walk-in shower

An intriguing trend is the rising median spend on primary bathroom projects, a significant leap by nearly 13% in 2021. This shift implies that homeowners are willing to invest more in creating bathrooms that marry functionality with aesthetics. The bathroom is evolving from a necessity to a cherished sanctuary.

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11. Shower Makeovers

Beautiful shower with black hexagonal tile floor and marble tile walls

Refreshing the shower is yet another popular trend. This could involve swapping the existing showerhead with a rain variant, updating tiles, or adding a sleek, frameless glass door to evoke a spa-like ambience.

12. The Lighter Palette

The reign of all-white bathrooms is over, making way for softer shades. Soothing grays, warm beiges, and creamy whites conjure a tranquil, spa-like environment.

13. Eye-catching Lighting

In the world of bathroom design, lighting is a critical yet often underplayed character.

Fixtures like decorative pendants or chandeliers can inject a dose of sophistication into your bathroom’s ambiance. Mirrors with built-in lights eliminate shadows, improving your grooming experience.

14. Eclectic Tiles

Bathroom with mixed tile styles

Mixing and matching tiles can infuse personality into your bathroom. Consider coupling patterned floor tiles with simple white subway tiles on the walls, or experiment with different shapes and sizes for a unique touch.

15. The Japandi Touch

The Japandi style, marrying the simplicity of Japanese design with the minimalism of Scandinavian style, is gaining popularity. Its emphasis on functionality makes it an ideal choice for bathroom remodeling.

16. Mixed Design Styles

Blending different design styles to create a distinctive look is fast becoming a trend. This approach could involve combining modern elements with traditional accents or pairing rustic and industrial features.

17. Tiled Walls

Tiles are breaking the bathroom floor monotony by finding a new canvas on the walls. This can dramatically amplify the visual appeal and personality of the space.

18. Dusty Blues and Greens

The soothing shades of dusty blues and greens are becoming bathroom favorites. These calming tones are perfect for a space meant for relaxation and unwinding.

19. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

Bathroom with freestanding tub tile floors and gray vanity

In the quest to bring the spa home, many homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms into luxurious retreats. This may involve installing a soaking tub, a steam shower, or integrating elements like aromatherapy or chromotherapy.

20. The Bath Tub As A Centerpiece

Bathtubs are stealing the spotlight in modern bathroom design. Whether it’s a freestanding, clawfoot, or uniquely shaped tub, they are evolving from a mere functional element to an integral part of the bathroom aesthetics.

21. The Terrazzo Trend

Terrazzo, a composite of marble, quartz, granite, and glass chips, is reclaiming its place in bathroom design. This unique and vibrant choice is perfect for floors, countertops, and even walls.

22. Bold Tiles

Don’t shy away from bold, patterned tiles. They can inject personality into your bathroom, making it a space that truly reflects you.

23. Colorful Sinks

Sinks in vibrant colors like bright blue, fiery red, or soft pink can add a surprising pop of color to your bathroom. However, ensure that the chosen color complements your overall bathroom palette.

24. High-End Powder Rooms

High-end powder room with exposed sink

Powder rooms might be small, but they need not compromise on style. Homeowners are transforming these spaces with bold wallpapers, unique sinks, and stylish lighting fixtures.

25. Bespoke Vanity Designs

Bespoke (aka custom) vanity designs are a great way to add your personal touch to your bathroom. These vanities are meticulously crafted to perfectly align with your space and address any specific requirements you might have.

26. Embrace Natural Materials

With Seattle’s love for all things natural, it’s no surprise that bathroom remodeling trends are also veering towards natural materials.

Think along the lines of inviting wood and textured stone. These materials aren’t just eye-pleasing but also quite easy to maintain and clean – bonus points for durability!

27. Statement And Freestanding Bathtubs

Ever imagined creating your personal spa right at home? Here’s your chance.

Statement and freestanding bathtubs have become the talk of the town in Seattle’s bathroom design realm. They act as a majestic centerpiece, instantly elevating the room’s aesthetics while promising a soak in style and luxury.

28. Unlacquered Brass Hardware

There’s something absolutely charming about the good old days, and unlacquered brass hardware brings that nostalgic appeal to your modern bathrooms. Adorn your bathroom with this popular trend – its warm, vintage vibe is sure to inject your space with some personality.

29. Zellige Tile

Adding to the list of intriguing bathroom remodeling trends is Zellige tile, originating from the cultural lanes of Morocco. It’s handcrafted allure and unique character can infuse your Seattle bathroom with an exotic charm that’s hard to resist.

30. Focus On The Details

Before and after bathroom remodeling project

Designing your dream bathroom is no less than creating a piece of art. Every aspect, big or small, counts.

Pick materials of a high-quality, ensure your design elements play well together, and never underestimate the power of little add-ons like a chic dispenser for soap or a trendy rack for towels.

31. Non-Traditional Sinks

Seattle homeowners are ditching traditional sink styles for something more contemporary. Vessel sinks and wall-mounted sinks are now turning heads, and for good reason – they lend a sleek, modern touch to your bathroom.

32. Repurposed Vanities

In the spirit of sustainability and uniqueness, many are gravitating towards repurposed vanities. Be it an old desk or a charming dresser, there are plenty of ideas for repurposed vanities. These recycled pieces add a personal touch, character, and charm to your bathroom.

33. Tumbled, Brush, or Honed Stone

A classic yet rustic pick in bathroom remodeling trends is tumbled, brushed, or honed stone. Particularly preferred for countertops and floors, this material adds a timeless charm to your Seattle bathroom while contributing warmth and texture.

34. Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles are capturing hearts. Their irregular patterns, imperfect lines, and authentic feel bring a quaint charm to bathrooms, making them an ideal choice for Seattle homeowners looking to support artisans and small businesses.

35. Bathroom Tile Trends Galore

Large high-end bathroom with marble tiles

Your bathroom tiles offer an expansive playground for your creativity. From geometrical shapes to subtle earth tones, the sky really is the limit here. As one of the hottest bathroom remodeling trends, tiles are constantly evolving, presenting something exciting to look forward to.

36. Get An Interior Designers Perspective

Interior designers are trendsetters and helpers when it comes to space creation, especially when it involves bathrooms. They constantly push the envelope, infuse spaces with innovative ideas, and design bathrooms that we all dream of having. Their expertise is a valuable tool for crafting a bathroom that is functional yet breathtaking.

37. Bathroom Ideas For A New Bathroom

Starting from scratch with a new bathroom offers a world of possibilities. Check out a few of the greatest and latest bathroom trends and ideas:

38. Bathroom Designs For All Spaces

Regardless of the dimensions of your bathroom, rest assured, there’s a design that can perfectly cater to your needs. Here are some design options for different spaces:

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