A good quality kitchen remodel is one of the easiest ways to boost the real estate value of the house. Coupled with that, you get to enjoy the beauty of a functional kitchen of your taste in your day-to-day life. An updated kitchen is not only pleasant on eyes, but it can also help minimize time in your daily chores, giving you more quality time with you family.

Kitchen is the throbbing heart of every home. Apart from being the most-used section of the house and the food center, it is also one of the most essential rooms in a home to remodel.

Now, before you whip out that sledgehammer and go all “demolition theater” on your kitchen,  you need to determine whether your kitchen needs an update and what the scale of the renovation would be.


  1. What is your big “Why”?

Ask yourself these questions and go really deep in answering: What is your reason you want to renovate your kitchen? Is it too dated? Is it boring? Does it just not inspire you enough? Is it completely dysfunctional? You need a bigger kitchen with your growing family? It doesn’t match your style? Or you want to update it as you are moving soon and want to increase value of your house?

If you’re looking to list your home anytime soon, probably in a year or two, you don’t need to spend tons of money to remodel; you might want to focus more on updating the general condition of the kitchen such as the plumbing, lighting and other necessities.

Asides from that, your kitchen remodel should be planned to suit your family or personal lifestyle.


  1. Do you need a small or large-scale kitchen renovation?

The next step is to determine the scale of the renovation. Make list of things that need to go and stuffs that needs to stay, merge it with the degree of change you need to make on the positioning and design.

Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. Also, remember the city/state you live in. Prices shown on TV or online might not always apply to your region. Plus, always consider for sales tax. In Washington State, a contractor must pay B&O, City, County and Federal tax on whole project value.

However, there are clever ways to slash the price of your renovation while still retaining the quality. I’ll give you some of the tips later in this article.


  1. Do you really need a professional Kitchen Remodeler?

The surest way to fail in achieving a satisfactory and quality kitchen modeling is to begin without making the necessary planning and research.

If you are making small finish changes, you can definitely go ahead and DIY. It can help you save money and working to beautify your own home can be pretty therapeutic.

But when it comes to major remodels, unless you’re yourself a professional Remodeler or skilled handyman, the best advice will be to hire the services of a Remodeling contractor.

A below-the-line quality kitchen remodel will not only give you unsatisfactory results. It will also negatively affect real estate value of the house. Some companies showcase pricing of similar projects on their website (Lolark Contractors has pricing on its pages at https://lolarkcontractors.com).


After hiring an Expert Remodeler and the budget has been decided:

The next step is to concentrate on accessing new kitchen design ideas that will suit your scale and budget. Your contractor should be able to bring you samples to match your style or direct you to their suppliers’ showroom to make choices.


As I earlier stated, here are some creative tips to cutting down the budget of your Kitchen remodel:

  1. The homeowner can carry out the preparatory work by themselves or get some help from family and friends, it can be fun!  Such works might include: Removing appliances that needs to be, Tearing down old shelves and cupboard designs, Removing old countertops if it needs to be, Tearing down sections of the kitchen that needs to be renovated (unless it is structural wall. Do all the paintings yourself be it the walls, cabinets, remove old flooring.
  2. Invest in quality and fundamental appliances considering if they offer more off the features to suit your You can get chef style stove and hood from restaurant supply companies for better pricing.
  3. Consider refurbishing existing cabinets still in good condition to give it a fresh new
  4. Ask the contractor about other cost-effective means and money-saving remodeling tips to keep the renovation costs to a minimum.
  5. Kitchen remodelers usually have vendor connections and bargaining power required to cut the cost of high-quality kitchen remodeling materials.


The right Kitchen remodeling contractor can use their expertise, vendor connections and research to provide best quality product.

Take your time and follow these guidelines to get the best kitchen remodeling of your dreams.


You know what they say, the party always ends up in the kitchen!

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