When you live in a state that rains heavily for two-thirds of the year, taking advantage of the remaining ones is not a hard sell. The most compelling option for doing just that is a deck (i.e., wood or composite). It can open a new window into our city’s four months of camping weather alongside a new quality of lifestyle your backyard all year round. Trying to build your own deck is one way to go. That said, the wisest route is partnering with a professional deck installer and expert porch builder. It’s the best way to access unique deck design ideas while ensuring five-star quality work that will enhance your home value at the same time.


There’s nothing more impressive than an inviting outdoor area

Entertaining family and friends sometimes demands it. Think about features like a stylish patio cover, exterior fireplace, the smell and look of cedar decking. Visualize inclusion of deck railing for safety without disturbing visibility. A local contractor with a stellar reputation like Lolark Contractors may be precisely what the doctor ordered to construct your dream backyard oasis. It’s a family-driven business with thirty years of experience behind them.  Not only are they passionate about what they do for customers every day, they know the devil’s in the details. This means they leave no stone unturned when addressing vital considerations essential to the end result, like your:

A general contractor should do all the heavy lifting from end to end. By definition, it embraces design, installation, and every additional feature to complete a seamless customer experience. A beautiful, sturdy wood or composite deck that aligns with your vision depends on a collaborative effort to bring all the essential elements together. Modern decks that meet all your needs can embrace options like:


Building an integrative composite deck requires the advice quality only a custom deck builder like Lolark Contractors can deliver. When it comes to an outdoor renovation on arguably your most valuable asset, don’t stint on expertise, reliability, and one-stop service. Lolark Contractors – a fully licensed construction company –  provided valuable input for this article from all angles. Their resources and commitment to making your customer experience a rewarding one are second-to-none. As far as deck contractors in Greater Seattle go, they are leading the pack. Get ready today to enjoy the summer.

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