Your home is the place where you get so much done. You cook fabulous family meals, take a refreshing Sunday afternoon nap, invite lots of guests for the holidays, work on your favorite hobbies and plan your life. You need enough interior space. One way to add more space to your home is with a roof addition. Room additions are an inexpensive way to add the space you need quickly and easily. If you’re thinking about choosing this route, while it’s often a good idea, there may be a few drawbacks. 

Entirely Your Own

One of the best things about putting in a room addition is that the space you create is truly and completely your own. You decide what it is going to look like in every way well before you begin. You have the chance to choose the kind of materials you like the most. If you’re fond of cozy wood floors and built in details, you can add polished maple flooring and an inviting window seat. If you prefer metal fixtures, lots of glass and a sleeker, more modern vision, you can go with that too. It’s up to you. 

No Need to Move

Another advantage to opting for a room addition in your current home is that you don’t have to move. Instead, you can fix up your existing space and make it bigger. If you have a new baby or you need to take in an elderly relative, you can use your existing space rather than finding an entirely new place to live. You don’t have to look for a new house and sell your old one. You don’t have to worry about finding a new neighborhood and adjusting to it. Putting in a new space means you have the right to stay exactly where you are and enjoy the great things about your home. 

Less Costly

Selling your home can be quite expensive. You’ll need to pay lots of fees once you go down this path. That includes the fees for your agent as well as lots of money for closing costs. You’ll also need to spend lots of time cleaning your home and getting it ready to welcome potential buyers. If you’re selling in a seller’s market, you may even have to sell your home at a loss when you move. 

When you choose a home addition instead, you don’t have to worry about dealing with current housing market conditions. You can decide to wait to sell your home for another time. You can also put the addition in and then decide to put your home on the market later if your circumstances have changed. 

More Square Footage

A larger home means more space in your interior. This means you can do more at home. You can use it to play indoor games like ping pong, put in a playhouse for your kids or carve out a home theater. You can also use this space to put in a home office. This makes a great way to meet with clients in a comfortable space that you control completely.

You can also choose to put in a separate room in order to generate income. The extra space can be rented out on a nightly, monthly or permanent basis. That is money you can use to pay for the addition and then pay for additional bills once it’s finished. Add a full bathroom and room for a small kitchen setup and you’ll find it easy to invite paying customers. 

A Few Possible Cons

While there are many wonderful advantages to adding an extra space to your home, there are certain problems you should keep in mind before you begin. It can take time and effort to add the addition you want. You might find it takes a month or even several months to finish the project. Another issue to keep in mind when deciding if this choice is right for you is the disruption. Adding a room such as an attic can impact the functionality of the rest of he home. You might even have to move to another space for some time in order to get it done. This can make your home temporarily noisy and messy. 

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