So, after being homebound through COVID-19, you’re amazed at the hot real estate markets everywhere in the country. It seems like something good finally came out of that health scare. Your house or condo is now a genuine personal wealth builder. Everyone else is thinking like you.

Joining the party may be an idea! Nothing’s stopping you from climbing on the home improvement bandwagon while this real estate streak lasts.

You got wind of a great general contractor who’s a specialist in house renovations. Still, your instincts are telling you to save a ton of money. Renovate by all means, but do it yourself. Why not? You’ve got the time, a fully loaded toolbox, and you like working with your hands. YouTube has a whole range of videos to guide you through the process.


What’s in favor of DIY?

You may have some good points because today even a minor home repair hits the wallet for $120 an hour- if you’re lucky! Indeed, handypersons are pushing the envelope in cases, demanding between $150 and $300 for a sixty minute visit.

When looking at a major renovation:


So is there a case for getting a professional renovation partner on your side?

From the facts above, it seems like the DIY route represents cost advantages for someone who enjoys getting into the sawdust and nails. However, the husband and wife team at  Lolark Contractors believe it’s not the way to go, and many of their customers happen to  agree. Read on for a compelling article that’ll make you think twice before treading the remodeling path. It’s a winding one, where angels sometimes fear to tread:

There’s a saying, “Cent-wise but dollar-foolish.”

What does this mean exactly? Answer – while you’re so focused on avoiding some of the expenses mentioned above, you may end up making several errors that cost more than a contractor assignment in the end. It all boils down to your comfort zone and being honest with yourself about it. Do you realize:

  1. Undoing and redoing faulty construction work may wipe out the perceived labor savings in the blink of an eye.
  2. A professional remodeling contractor in Washington can generally source higher quality materials for the job than you ever can. That’s because they’re on the inside track and know the industry-best vendors with the biggest discounts to boot.
  3. Renovations at first glance often involve moving things around. That’s all fine and dandy and looks good on paper, but it can be costly. A renovator who knows his business is there to save you money, not help you spend more. Their first step should be to work around the existing design, not reinvent the wheel to show how smart they are.
  4. Then there’s master craftsmanship versus an “okay finish.” The former isn’t something a part-timer can pull out of a hat. It’s the product of experience, patience, and a sense of pride in one’s  
  5. What happens when the materials arrive on-site, sometimes coming at you fast and furiously from different suppliers? Are the specs and quantities as you ordered them? You’ll be surprised how frequently deliveries go wrong. A renovation partner looks after that side with methodical detail.
  6. Frequently, an addition to home structures doesn’t end up creating the comfort you envisioned. For example, a kitchen remodel may call for more airflow and an essential HVAC change. After the renovation is over, it’s extremely to do. Perhaps the new appliances and extra lighting are tripping your power box all the time. It was fine before, but not now. An expert remodeler in your corner anticipates all these things before the first hammer blow.
  7. Now for a real headache – permits. You can’t just bypass these. You surely don’t want to run the risk of an inspector telling you that your remodel is illegal as you’re about to invite your friends over. Licensed contractors never let regulations slip between the cracks.
  8. Then there’s the timing and the mess. Go it alone, and there’s no telling how long it will take, let alone the debris flying left, right, and center. In contrast, the pros will prepare you for the worst of it, work within a reasonable budget, and take your lifestyle into account.
  9. Some space changes lend themselves to a value-added resale, and others are only good for functionality. Even then, emotions can get you to overspend by so much that no future buyer will ever appreciate it. A forward-thinking renovation partner won’t let you overstep the mark.



Remodeling to add to the value of your house, townhouse, or condo is not a straightforward home repair. If you’re staying in residence for years to come, you want to know you’re maximizing your comfort. If you’re thinking of selling, you want to get a return. Consult with a company like Lolark Contractors, a family business licensed to do whole house renovations. Their thirty years plus experience will pay huge dividends in the end. Don’t stint on expertise, reliability, and one-stop service for anything that looks like a remodel. Lolark Contractors resources and commitment to making your customer experience a rewarding one are second-to-none. The company is without a doubt one of the leading home remodeling companies in Greater Seattle Area.

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